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"I am so glad to inform you that our services BU at Aceic has been acquired by a USA based MNC Synapse. This acquisition helps Maven Silicon to partner with Synapse as their preferred training vendor, with a formal agreement of deploying 100+ VLSI engineers every year for their business expansion. In addition to our own long-term resource requirements at Aceic for our further business expansion with IP development, we would also be partnering with more and more VLSI MNCs, the same way and deploying all our Mavenites in semiconductor industry successfully to retain our brand “Maven Silicon” as a "Top Class VLSI finishing school"." - Mr. Sivakumar P R - Founder & CEO, Maven Silicon

  • Maven Silicon is the best VLSI training institute in India which offers various VLSI courses like Job oriented VLSI Design and Verification course, ASIC verification course, Advanced VLSI Design course and VLSI Summer course. We provide corporate training courses also for the corporates and VLSI engineers who are working in Semiconductor companies.     Maven Silicon the Best VLSI training institute in Bangalore offers Advanced VLSI Design Methodologies. VLSI Design Methodologies is the Maven Silicon certified VLSI Design Course imparting ASIC and FPGA design flows and trains engineers extensively on the VLSI design methodologies, RTL coding and Synthesis process. Second Year and Third Year engineering students of BE/BTech in EEE/ECE/TE can also take up this course and do the VLSI projects. Even CSE/IT/Instrumentation, ME/MTech/MS in Electronics, MSc Electronics students also can apply.     Key features of VLSI DM are ASIC & FPGA design methodologies, Advanced digital design methodologies, HDL based design methodologies - Verilog, Top down and bottom-up design methodologies Synthesis coding styles, Place and Route - HDL based design, Design Implementation onto FPGA, Industry Standard Project, Mentor Graphics EDA tools - Modelsim and Xilinx ISE.     Maven Silicon offers ASIC Verification Course, VLSI VM . It imparts advanced verification methodologies and trains the engineers extensively on SystemVerilog and UVM. BE with minimum one year experience in VLSI or ME/MTech/MS students can apply for this VLSI course.     Key Features of VLSI-VM are ASIC Verification Methodologies, Advanced Verilog for Verification, SystemVerilog, UVM, Assertion Based Verification - SVA, Verification Planning and Management, Code and Functional Coverage, Scripting - Perl, Coding styles for VIPs, Pilot Project, EDA tools - Mentor Graphics - Questa, Operating System - Linux.     Maven Silicon the Best VLSI training institute offers Advanced VLSI Design and Verification Course, VLSI RN . This VLSI-RN course trains you on the advanced Design and Verification technologies and methodologies. One can easily enter into the VLSI industry with the skill sets that are gained through this VLSI training course. Duration of the course is Six Months [4 months Training and 2 months Internship].     VLSI-RN means Very Large Scale Integration - RTL to Netlist. We have created this course completely based on the current job opportunities in the semiconductor industry. Based on the discussion with the executives of various leading semiconductor industries and FPGA design houses.     Why ASIC Verification course?     In India, 80 to 90% of the projects are on ASIC verification, Synthesis and Back-end, Only 10% of the projects demand skills in RTL Design, AMS and custom design.     Front-end design and verification jobs require candidates with good knowledge in design fundamentals and exposure to the latest verification technologies and methodologies.     Verification process is not completely automated. 70% of the project cycle time is consumed by verification and most of the ASIC re-spins are due to the functional bugs.     Semiconductor industry prefers innovative and young engineers for the verification jobs.     Back-end design implementations are almost automated with the help of EDA tools.     Apply for Online entrance Test and Avail Scholarship Offers     Key Features of VLSI-RN are     ASIC & FPGA design methodologies, Training and Internship, Advanced Logic Design, FPGA Architecture, ASIC Verification Methodologies.     HVL : SystemVerilog, HDL : Verilog, Assertion Based Verification: SVA, Testbench Methodology - UVM - Universal Verification Methodology.     Three Mini Projects, Industry Standard Project.     Scripting Language : Perl, Operating System - Linux.     EDA Tools : Mentor Graphics - Questa, Modelsim SE and DE, Xilinx - ISE.     Industry Standard Live Projects - VLSI Projects:     AHB2APB Bridge RTL design    PCS Subsystem RTL design    SPI IP core RTL design    UART IP core RTL Design    AHB UVC - Master agent in UVM    AHB2APB Bridge verification in UVM    UART IP Verification in UVM    AHB UVC - Slave agent in UVM    GPIO Verification in UVM    PCS subsystem IP Verification - UVM    AXI UVC- Master agent in UVM    I2C Real Time Clock IP design    ICPIT Verification in UVM    AXI UVC - Slave agent in UVM    SPI IP verification - UVM    Maven Silicon the only VLSI training institute provides VLSI Workshop, VLSI tutorial, VLSI Demo class, VLSI Seminar, VLSI Short term courses, vlsi design online course, Free VLSI workshop and VLSI Industrial training, vlsi technology, online engineering courses, electronics course, and courses on VHDL, Verilog, digital design, fpga tutorial, online certificate courses, CMOS, static timing analysis, RTL verification, Low power vlsi design, verilog testbench etc.    
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