Our Quality Policy :

At Maven Silicon we offer high quality training services to all our customers, fresh engineering graduates and corporate houses, without any discrimination.

  • We continuously update the course contents, lab materials and projects every 6 months, based on the industry requirements.
  • We provide certification only to qualified trainees with different grades, based on their performance during the training course
  • We collect feedbacks after delivering each module and discuss this with our faculty and trainees, ensuring continuous improvement.
"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

- William A. Foster

The testimonials of our trainees can help you to understand the satisfactory trainings delivered by us.

Maria Jenifer Placed at Mindtree Says:

I had one of the best learning experiences at Maven Silicon. It has really given me a new insight and energy to kick start a great career. What really has taken Maven to the heights is their dedication and commitment to impart quality education. The Programme content and the training methodology rules. I could not even imagine as to how they make time for the individual attention, but they do it.

The trainers are highly motivating and they are always there when you look back for help. If you are interested in electronics and think you are capable of doing big things in life, I recommend 'Maven Silicon'. I am very proud to have been a part of Maven and I will continue to be...!

Malav Dalal Verification Engineer at Qthink India Design Center Says:

" जब मैंने अपना इंजीनियरिंग कतम किया था, बहुत सारे fresher के जैसे मुझे भी पता नहीं था कि, Electronics में अपना career कैसे बनूँ.......लेकिन MAVEN SILICON में मुझे सही रास्ता मिला.

I got trained in VLSI-RN. उनका course बहुत ही अहसान और planning भी बहुत आचे से क्या गया हैं , especially 70% practicals एंड 30 % theory . Maven Silicon का projects भी बहुत useful था. मैं यकीन के साथ कह सकता हूँ कि, Maven Silicon VLSI Technology बहुत कम समय में और अची तरा से सिखा देते हैं. में शुक्रगुजार हूँ कि I chose Maven Silicon . उनका placement opportunities are very excellent .

Thanks to Mr.Sivakumar (CEO, MAVEN SILICON ) I got placed in Qthink India Design Center, Bangalore ."

Shamanth, Verification Engineer at Conexant Systems Says:

"The Verification course at Maven Silicon was exactly what I needed while preparing for interviews for ASIC Verification positions.

The letures and the course material helped me learn the concepts well, while the challenging project work offered invaluable hands-on technical experience, which eventually helped me find a job as a Verification Engineer in the industry. I am really glad I found Maven and took up their Verification course."

Giridhar Placed at Sicon Technologies Says:

I would like to thank "Maven- Silicon" very much for shaping my career. Before joining Maven, I was not getting good opportunities, even with my qulaification MTech, VLSI and I was not confident about myself too. But now I really feel that deciding to pursue VLSI-RN Course at "Maven- Silicon" was a very good decision.

Maven-Silicon Course is Well Organised and having More practicals, is really helpful for post graduates like me to gain confidence and face the interviews.

Amitra Sudan Component Design Engineer at Intel Says:

*System Verilog training at Maven Silicon gave me a great opportunity to look into modern verification concepts using System Verilog.

*Through the course I could learn to develop a robust testbench which can generate different testcase scenarios using the concepts of Object Oriented Programming.

*Learning Assertion Based Verification was also an added advantage which is in high demand in todays Verification job market.

"I am sure this training will not only give openings to job seekers but also help to create great interest in Verification IP development among experienced professionals"

Sunder Karthik pursuing MS in Arizona University, USA says:

I can say this confidently: "Never in my life I have come across such teaching!" The beauty of teaching is in the breaking down of complex concepts to the simplest forms and integrating from there on. I found this beauty being utilized to the maximum extent at Maven Silicon. I came in as a pauper of knowledge and left after my course as a knowledge rich man!

That was not enough. I wish to pursue an MS in VLSI Design and to further enhance my knowledge, I'm back at Maven Silicon this December for a course in VLSI Verification Methodologies (VLSI VM) with main focus on SystemVerilog. The course is underway and I feel like one in the audience of a Magic show, marveling at the Magic being performed here. I was struggling from a long time to learn Object Oriented Programming concepts. But a 3 day lecture series by an VLSI industry expert has made me feel comfortable with these otherwise complex concepts!

Message to Engineers/Engineering Students: "If you want to merely get a certificate of that of a VLSI Engineer, you can go to any institute you want. But if you want to feel satisfied and inspired by what you learn, come down to Maven Silicon. You'll always thank yourself for having taken such a prudent decision as I do now!"

Maven Silicon is redefining teaching. Come, be a part of the best VLSI team available.

Sreelalitha, Verification Engineer at Perfectus Technologies Says:

I took the VLSI-VM weekend course at Maven Silicon. It is very well structured, and I think it is a must for anyone who wants to make it into Verification.

Though it had been quite some time since I had attended a class, I felt at home because of the enthusiasm and dedication of the instructor. Even the most difficult concepts were explained very lucidly and the labs gave a good idea and experience of the concepts. The instructor was highly knowledgeable and was eager to impart his knowledge to us.

Though 16 days seems very short time to learn concepts like OOP and ABV, I can say without any hesitation, that at the end of the course we were confident enough to take up any verification project that came our way.

The VLSI-VM course made me a very good Verification Engineer. The improved skillset opened up a world of opportunities before me. Hats off to Maven Silicon for putting together a course that is interesting and intellectually stimulating while also increasing manifold our chances for getting good jobs!

Rajiv Placed at Iwave Says:

"I am very happy to say that I got job in IWAVE SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY LTD, Bangalore as a Member Technical. I am very much thankful to Maven Silicon for providing excellent placement assistance. It would have been a difficult task for me to get job in the VLSI industry on my own as I am a fresher 2009 passed out BE graduate, and most of the VLSI companies looking for only 1-2 years minimum experience"

Now I am proud to say that the course module I have studied at Maven Silicon is well recognized by the VLSI industries especially the Verification module which includes SystemVerilog

"I can say only very few engineers in the semiconductor Industry knows SystemVerilog. This SystemVerilog knowledge will really help me in the long run to grow fast in the industry"

"What I've learnt in just 3 months has changed my career and I strongly believe that Maven Silicon, VLSI Training Institute will change the career and life of the fresh engineers like me who are passionate of joining in the VLSI industries"

Suma Verification Engineer at Nokia Says:

Maven Silicon is an Intellectual bridge between the highly sophisticated dreamy industries and abundant talent filled students.Its a point of contact fame for VLSI Training specially for verification methodologies which is a tailored course for Industries. The verification methodologies taught here are well planned and build one's interest to explore more further. "I would recommend anyone who is looking for a good career in VLSI industry to join this course and get pampered in Industry."

Hemant Placed at Atrenta Says:

"The VLSI design course which I have done at Maven Silicon helped me so much to face the technical interview confidently and get the job in Atrenta. Actually speaking, the hands-on lab sessions and the projects that I have done increased my confidence level"

"I am glad to say that this advanced VLSI design course shaped my career"

Adnan Khan, Verification Engineer at iWorkz Says:

This is what I felt while undergoing the vlsi training.

The trainer is excellent.I always wanted a trainer like him to train me in something new.His abundant knowledge about the subject and vast industry experience is the right mix for somebody who is responsible to impart knowledge.

"I found the whole experience at Maven Silicon a pleasant one. Hence I have no reservations in recommending this course to any of my friends or colleagues"

Abha Katiyar, Verification Engineer at TCS Says:

Before joining this course,it was really unbelievable that any one can make me clear about the System Verilog concept in just 16 days as it’s a vast language with lots of complexities (OOPs Concept, VMM, Assertion, Functional Coverage etc). But, Maven Silicon training was really helpful to me for getting the clear idea not only about the SV testbench design but also why it is really important in today's market where the TTM is very critical.

As a Verification Engineer, I have architected many testbenches using verilog. During the course, I realized that how can I utilize my time for the verification rather than writing testbench and testcases what we do in verilog.

Here at Maven Silicon, I found the course and Labs are arranged in such a manner that 8 days were sufficient for me to get the complete picture of SV verification environment design.

Moreover, I understood VMM concept, Assertion writing which is again very useful for verification of complex ICs.

"I appreciate the efforts made by the Maven Silicon 's team to make this SystemVerilog language learning easy for us and wish a great future for Maven Silicon, Bangalore."

Vijay Meda Verification Engineer at KPIT Cummins Says:

I am happy to be a part of SystemVerilog-Verification Methodology course in Maven Silicon. According to me the unique features are

*Excellent teaching professionals with vast industry experience

*Well designed course content to meet the real time industry needs

*More concentration on concepts and practical implementation

*Availability of industry standard tools and environment

*Not just the project assignment to implement the concepts learnt but also the evaluation by the faculty

*Offline help of the faculty even after finishing the course

"I personally felt that this course will pave the way to great future"

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