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Maven Silicon always leads the VLSI Training industry, as a top class VLSI finishing school in India, by setting new standards in VLSI training. Our recent launch of mobile App based interactive online courses shows that we are unique and ahead of the current VLSI training industry.
VLSI Design Methodologies course is a front end Online VLSI course which imparts the VLSI Design Flow, Digital Design and RTL programming using Verilog HDL.
This online VLSI course starts with an overview of VLSI and explains the Very Large Scale Integration technology, SoC - System On Chip design, Moore’s law and the difference between Application Specific Integrated Circuits, ASIC and Field Programmable Gate Arrays, FPGA. With this overview, it walks you through all the steps of complete VLSI Design flow and explains every step in detail. Then it covers the complete digital design, combinational, sequential and FSM designs. And finally this online course trains you extensively on Verilog HDL programming and makes you a hands-on RTL designer.

Our Founder and CEO Mr P R. Sivakumar says " VLSI training courses are very expensive and time consuming in general for engineering graduates who want to learn and prepare themselves for the core industry while doing the engineering course. This is the reason I have launched the online VLSI courses which are inexpensive and now anyone can learn at their own pace on their mobile device itself at their convenience. I am sure our ambitious engineers will make use of this online course and get into semiconductor industry …"

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