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Our job-oriented VLSI courses have been designed carefully based on the industry requirements. These advanced VLSI courses train the electronics engineers extensively on both the design and verification methodologieslike RTL design and UVM methodologies and make them specialized in the advanced VLSI ...

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Maven Silicon always leads the VLSI Training Industry, as a top-class VLSI finishing school in India, by setting new standards in VLSI training. Our mobile App based interactive online VLSI courses can justify the same and convince you that we are unique and ahead of the current VLSI training industry...

Top VLSI Training Institutes in Bangalore

VLSI Courses

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We offer various customized VLSI design and verification courses to the corporate engineers who want to learn the design and verification methodologies and programming languages quickly to work directly on the customer projects. Our portfolio of the courses includes RTL Design using HDL, Verilog...

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Our part time ASIC verification course has been designed for the working professionals and post graduates who want to upgrade their skills. This part time ASIC Verification course trains the engineers extensively on the Verification methodologies and help them to switch to their dream profile of ASIC Verification...

VLSI Courses in Bangalore

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VLSI Internship program is basically for the electronics engineers who are looking for an experience on the real time VLSI projects, while pursuing the engineering course. As part of this internship program the engineering graduates will learn the VLSI Design flow and methodologies, VLSI Verification Flow and Verification methodologies...

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Our CEO Mr. Sivakumar P R is the author of our blog. He is an industry veteran who has 20+ years of experience in various fields, Academia, Engineering and Semiconductor Industries. In semiconductor industry he has worked in the top EDA companies like Synopsys, Cadence and...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do VLSI training?

All the Integrated Chips we use in mobiles, TVs, computers, satellites and automobiles etc. are designed by VLSI technology. Hence, there is huge scope and growth in VLSI Industry and it is full of job opportunities. As the skills required to get into VLSI industry is not sufficiently taught in colleges, we recommend you to go for the VLSI training to gain the skills and get the practical exposure.

What is chip designing?

Steps involved in Chip design are design Chip’s architecture, create circuit designs, run simulations, supervise layout, tape out the chip to the foundry and evaluate the prototype once the chip comes back from the laboratory. Chip designers work to make faster, cheaper and more innovative chips that can automate parts or the entire function of electronic devices. A chip design engineer's job ranges right from the architecture, logic design, circuit design and physical design of the chip to the testing and verification of the final product.

Is VLSI a good career?

VLSI is a very good domain to build a career with huge number of opportunities. There is a demand for chips in every sector, be it automobiles, consumer electronics or high-end servers. You should have good command on Verilog, SystemVerilog and UVM to start your career as VLSI Design or VLSI Verification Engineer.

What is the eligibility for VLSI Chip Designing Courses?

The undergraduates, graduates and post graduates from below streams can take up VLSI Chip Design Course and make a career in VLSI Industry. BE/BTech in EEE/ECE/TE/CSE/IT/Instrumentation ME/MTech/MS in Electronics/MSc Electronics

What are the must-know things for a VLSI verification engineer?

To join the industry as a VLSI verification engineer, you must have hands-on experience of below topics:
Fundamentals of digital logic design VLSI Design Flow Use of HDL language Verilog, SytemVerilog, UVM

How can I take the admission?

We start accepting applications for Advanced VLSI Design and Verification course at Maven Silicon while you are in your 8th Semester of graduation. Advise you to book your seats in advance, pertaining to limited admissions and increased demand. You can click here to apply: https://www.maven-silicon.com/application For our online VLSI courses, you can directly subscribe from our eLearn portal https://elearn.maven-silicon.com/

Do you have any entrance exam?

We do have an entrance exam for our job-oriented course VLSI RN and VLSI VM. After you meet your eligibility criteria you have to undergo an Online Entrance Test which would check you on your concepts of Basic Electronics and Digital Electronics. Post scoring 60% in this test, you are processed for the technical interview with our technical experts. Based on the performance during your interview, you will be selected for Advanced VLSI design and Verification course. For our online VLSI courses we do not have any entrance exams. You can directly subscribe the courses from our elearn portal https://elearn.maven-silicon.com/

Is there any scholarship is available?

Yes, we do provide the scholarship on our job-oriented courses VLSI RN and VLSI VM based on your performance in technical interview. To excel in Online entrance test and technical interview, we suggest you to take our Online Digital electronics course at https://elearn.maven-silicon.com/digital-electronics This online Digital electronics course will help you to learn and refresh the complete fundamentals of digital electronics, which are highly needed for any VLSI course. You can subscribe this course for free. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer placement support?

We provide 100% placement assistance with our job-oriented course until you get placed. You can refer the link for the placement updates and to know more about our hiring partners: https://www.maven-silicon.com/placement

What is the difference between front end and back end VLSI Course?

VLSI Frontend Courses trains in Design and Verification of a chip which mostly includes RTL(Register Transfer Level) coding using either VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog and the verification of the DUT(can be a IP or SOC) by building verification Environment or Testbench using SystemVerilog/UVM/.You also learn to meet the timing constraints of the chip using STA(Static Timing Analysis) and Synthesizing the design using synthesizable constructs. The maximum number of VLSI job opportunities are available in Verification segment. Backend courses mostly deals with physical design part of the chip which includes Floorplan, Map, Place and route and DFT and ATPG scan insertion and checks for the flip flops. Also includes physical verification part of the chip, memory characterization, analog layout and design.

Is the VLSI course useful for ECE/EEE students?

Yes. VLSI is a high growth domain with huge job opportunities. Electronics is the basic knowledge required to get into the VLSI industry. Engineers with Electronics background can enter into VLSI Industry easily. The VLSI Course is helpful for ECE/EEE students to learn and build up the skill set as per the Industry requirement to enter the Chip/IC Design and Verification Domain.

Any support material will be given to prepare for online entrance test?

We help you with support material to enhance your basic knowledge of digital electronics and perform your best. Our online Digital electronics course will help you to learn and refresh the complete fundamentals of digital electronics, which are highly needed for any VLSI course. You can subscribe this course for free. Contact us for more details.

I do not live in Bangalore but I want to attend your VLSI training. What shall I do?

We do have online VLSI courses for the engineers like you. You can start learning with our hands-on online VLSI courses which comes with labs, project, support material. We also provide live Q&A and doubt clarification sessions. Click here to explore and subscribe https://elearn.maven-silicon.com/ We also have free VLSI courses on various topics i.e. VLSI Design using Verilog HDL, SoC etc.

If I join your VLSI course along with my friends, can we avail group discount?

We always encourage you to join the course along with friends because it motivates you to learn and finish the course at fast pace. Contact us to know about group discount options.

I am in 3rd year of electronics engineering program. Can I join your VLSI course now?

Yes. It is good to start early. You can explore and subscribe our online VLSI design methodologies course. It is a front-end VLSI course which imparts the VLSI Design Flow, Digital Design and RTL programming using Verilog HDL. After completing online VLSI DM course, you can easily crack college campus interviews or you can also take up our Advanced ASIC Verification course with 100% placement assistance and can avail up to 100% scholarship based on your grades in our Online VLSI Design Course.

Do you have any part time or Weekend VLSI Courses?

Yes, we have part time/Weekend VLSI courses for working professionals. They are specially designed to upskill the life and job of the working professionals.

How will I be evaluated during the VLSI course?

Our Job oriented VLSI courses are highly effective and rigorous programs and follows a continuous evaluation scheme. Candidates are evaluated in the courses through lab reports, project reports, practice test, assignments, technical presentation and mock interviews. We also have evaluation program in our Online VLSI courses through quiz, test and assignments.

Would I need to pay extra for support material, online training material or license of EDA tools?

You do not need to pay extra for the requisite learning material. We do provide free library access and free online VLSI Courses to trainees for their extra reference and support.

Do these online VLSI Courses provide placement support?

Once you complete your online VLSI course you can upgrade to job oriented VLSI Courses with very good scholarship. We provide 100% placement assistance for the job oreiented VLSI Courses. Advanced VLSI Design and Verification [VLSI - RN ] and Advanced ASIC Verification [ VLSI-VM ] are the job oreiented VLSI Courses.

Do you provide corporate training in advanced VLSI concepts?

Maven Silicon offers customized inhouse and onsite corporate VLSI training courses. This program is specially designed for engineers keeping in view the ever-changing demands of industry. The participants are equipped with the latest tools, techniques and skills needed to excel as Verification Engineers. Some of our Corporate training VLSI Courses are SystemVerilog HVL, Verilog HDL, Universal Verification Methodology and Assertion based Verification. Click here for more details: https://www.maven-silicon.com/corporate-training