My vision is to produce truly talented and skilled VLSI engineers and introduce them to semiconductor industry, by creating a good ECO system which consists of Training, Design Services and Product business units. I am driving this vision unwaveringly by never compromising the quality of education imparted at Maven Silicon. This truly is what makes my training business model successful as opposed to the usual way of making everything commercial or by just providing fake job assurances.

While sharing my dream with you, I would also like to differentiate Maven Silicon from the other training companies by clarifying a few key points:

Our Training Methodology:

Our trainers are all experienced professionals. They know how to train and follow our training methodology to make you a VLSI expert in six months time. Me being the CEO, am exposed to various aspects of the VLSI technologies. I have perfected unique techniques which I use regularly to train the working professionals on VLSI Design and Verification and created a training methodology for my trainers.

Our Primary Objective:

At Maven, we teach the concepts and guide the student to refer books, do experiments and practice extensively on the project. This training process helps novice engineers get through the toughest technical interviews and work on complex designs comfortably, while retaining their jobs even during recession.

Placement support:

At Maven, we have a well-defined policy for placement support. Every candidate gets minimum 2 interview opportunities.

Based on the performance and attitude, we provide multiple opportunities to our students, even after completing the course and support them till they get a job. Also we provide boot camp training programs and coaching for old students who failed in the interviews and arrange interviews again. But we never give false job assurances to our students.

Speaking of facts, there are plenty of opportunities in the industry, but engineers have to acquire skills to get through interviews. At Maven, we organize mock interviews and train students extensively on interview process. This helps novice engineers to face the toughest interviews and bag the job.

I have also founded an another VLSI Design services company called Aceic Design Technologies as part of the initiative of building the ECO system, envisioned to provide exciting opportunities to our maven students. At Aceic Design Technologies, I have been interacting very closely with the industry, the engineering community and doing verification consulting services. It helps me in upgrading my knowledge to update the training courses at Maven Silicon.

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