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Corporate Training Courses

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Corporate Training Courses

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Corporate Training Courses

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Corporate Training Courses


Corporate Training VLSI Courses

Maven Silicon offers immersive and engaging VLSI Courses that ensure learning agility for the engineers to keep pace with the frequent paradigm shifts taking place in the semiconductor industry. With over a decade of domain experience our technical trainers deliver Advanced VLSI Design and Verification Methodologies towards empowering the learners and making them job ready! Our programs are specially designed and tailor made to the ever changing demands and needs of the industry. The learners are equipped with modern EDA Tools , Techniques and Skills that sync with the learning goals of your organization and are vital in an era of rapid change where advances in technology are disrupting the very way they work!

Maven Silicon is one of RISC-V's Global Training Partners. As a centre of excellence in VLSI, we partner and collaborate with top Multinational Semiconductor Organizations and Academia towards not only skilling the New College Graduates (NCGs) but upskilling the professional engineers with appropriate knowledge using contextual teaching and learning based on sound pedagogy. Our VLSI Course Catalog includes SoC & IP - RTL Design and Verification, Languages & Methodologies - Verilog, SystemVerilog, UVM, and DFT, STA, Low Power DV, CDC, Physical Design & Verification.

Using Cloud Environment and State of the Art Technologies we provide a wide range of delivery models through ILT, VILT, Self-Paced Learning to Hybrid Learning that you may choose for engaging your workforce.

What makes our Corporate Training courses unique?

Corporate Training Courses

Delivered by Industry Experts - Train with courses designed & delivered by highly experienced industry veterans.

Corporate Training Courses

Effective learning paths - Training in latest technologies, with a co-created and co-curated curriculum

Corporate Training Courses

Learning experience platform - Diverse elements to support hands-on learning

Corporate Training Courses

Flexible & Customizable - A mélange of Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service and Learning as a service.

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How does an organization benefit from your online courses?

The advantage of opting for our online courses is the best use of time and costs. But it offers more to your organization:

  • Personalized with Self-paced Learning
  • Adaptable on Mobiles (Android & iOS)
  • Measurable results and reporting through Certification
  • Hands-on Learning with Labs and Protocol-based Projects
  • Virtual Technical Counselling through Q/A Sessions

Are the courses theoretical only or do you provide practical (hands on) experiences for the learners?

Our complete range of VLSI training courses are hands-on and designed pedagogically with the purpose to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge and apply in a workplace environment. The learners will be equipped with modern EDA Tools to practice Labs and to work on domain specific Protocols, Designs and Interfaces.

Typically, what is the course duration?

The duration of the VLSI training courses varies based on the delivery format you choose

We have a vast array of Modules in RTL Design, RTL Verification, Testing & Timing and Domain specific skills i.e. RISC-V, ARM SoC, Bluetooth, Interfaces: AXI, AHB, APB, SPI, UART.

You can choose ILT (Instructor-Led Training), VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training), Online Learning or Hybrid model.

The duration for our regular ILT courses is i.e. SystemVerilog - 5 days, Verilog - 5 Days, UVM - 5 day, whereas the duration of online courses typically ranges from 40-50 hours.

Also, we provide 3/6 months online access for the online courses.

What methods of delivery mode do you offer?

You can choose ILT (Instructor-Led Training), VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training), Online Learning (self-paced) or Hybrid Learning Model towards engaging your workforce.

Our newly launched cloud-based online corporate training courses are a highly efficient and cost-effective way to enable your employees to upskill themselves at their own pace and convenience.

Does Maven Silicon provide training solutions for organizations only or can individual professionals also join the program?

Individual professionals can also join our training courses through our web portal:

Our Online VLSI courses offer: SystemVerilog, UVM, Verilog, STA, DFT and many more.

Engaged in a job! Yet you can enroll in our Part-time Advanced ASIC Verification Course, and continue learning to enhance and upskill in VLSI.

Click here to explore our Part-time Advanced ASIC Verification Course

How is Maven Silicon different from other training institutions when offering VLSI courses?

Maven Silicon's VISION is to extend VLSI knowledge to the engineers worldwide by offering High Quality courses with Convenience at Optimum Cost.


  • Maven Silicon has highly qualified trainers with vast experience in industry and academia. Their substantial teaching experience gives us an advantage over other training providers.
  • Maven Silicon has been delivering corporate training to Samsung, Qualcomm, IBM, Freescale, Cypress, Broadcom, ST Micro, AMD, LSI, Wipro, and many more.


  • Maven Silicon specializes in tailor-made VLSI training courses that meet your organization's learning objectives. Some of our Corporate VLSI Courses are SystemVerilog HVL, Verilog HDL, Universal Verification Methodology, Assertion based Verification, Domain specific courses – RISC-V, ARM SoC, Bluetooth, Interfaces – AXI, AHB, APB, SPI, UART etc.
  • Our training delivery models range from ILT, VILT, and Online Learning (Self-Paced) to Hybrid Learning.
  • We do extend Onsite Training (ILT) at your Campus.


  • Our Corporate Courses are priced reasonably and also available at a optimum price for a high volume of trainees / batch.
  • We have recently launched a wide array of online VLSI courses which are easy on your budget and offer self-paced learning from Industry experts.

If you need any more information related to Maven Silicon's programs/cost, please get in touch with us by completing above Contact Form, accessing the Live Chat service, or calling one of our Support Offices at +91 74064 86555 or Email to