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Corporate Training VLSI Courses

Maven Silicon offers various corporate training VLSI courses for working professionals. Our design and verification consultants train your engineers on the advanced design and verification methodologies to make them highly productive.

Maven Silicon offers customised VLSI training in India. This program is specially designed for engineers keeping in view the ever changing demands of industry. The participants are equipped with the latest tools, techniques and skills needed to excel as Verification Engineers.

Some of our Corporate training VLSI Courses are SystemVerilog HVL, Verilog HDL, Universal Verification Methodology and Assertion based Verification.

As learning Services Company, we are fully equipped, to build a learning initiative customized to suit your needs. We can conduct these corporate training courses based on clients’ requirements either at clients’ place (Onsite) or at our Campus (Offsite) for the employees of the organisations. Maven Silicon curriculum, services, and learning experiences are tailored to the individual client's needs, because we have learned that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for every organization.

Online Demo Class

Demo Class gives an overview of Universal Verification Methodology, UVM TB architecture, and Reusable VIP using UVM.

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Duration : 5 Days

ASIC Verification Methodologies

  • Directed Vs Random
  • Functional verification process
  • Stimulus Generation
  • Bus function model
  • Monitors and reference models
  • Coverage Driven Verification
  • Verification Planning and management
SystemVeilog HVL
[1] Introduction to System Verilog
  • New Data types
  • Tasks and Functions
  • Interfaces
  • Clocking block
[2] Object Oriented Programming and Randomization
  • OOP Basics
  • Classes - Objects and handles
  • Polymorphism and Inheritance
  • Randomization
  • Constraints
[3] Threads and Virtual Interfaces
  • Fork Join
  • Fork Join_any
  • Fork Join_none
  • Event controls
  • Mailboxes and semaphores
  • Virtual Interfaces
  • Transactors
  • Building verification environment
  • Testcases
[4] Callbacks
  • Facade Class
  • Building Reusable Transactors
  • Inserting Callbacks
  • Registering Callbacks
[5] Direct Programming Interface
[6] Functional Coverage
  • Coverage mdels
  • Coverpoints and bins
  • Cross coverage
  • Regression testing
Advanced System Verilog
  • Environment Configuration
  • Referene Models and Predictor Logics
  • Using Legacy BFMs
  • Scenario Generation
  • Testcases - Random, Directed and Corner Case
  • Coding styles for VIP
Verification Planning and Management
  • Verification Plan
  • TB Architecture
  • Coverage Model
  • Tracking the simulation process
  • Building regression testsuite
  • Testsuite optimiation

Verilog HDL

Duration : 5 Days

Verilog HDL - RTL Coding and Synthesis

[1] Introduction to Verilog HDL
  • Application of Verilog HDL
  • Verilog HDL language concepts
  • Verilog language basics and constructs
  • Abstraction levels
[2] Data Types
  • Type concept
  • Nets and registers
  • Non hardware equivalent variables
  • Arrays
[3] Verilog Operators
  • Logical operators
  • Bitwise and Reduction operators
  • Concatenation and conditional
  • Relational and arithmetic
  • Shift and Equality operators
  • Operators precedence
[4] Assignments
  • Types of assignments
  • Continuous assignments
  • Timing references
  • Procedures
  • Blocking and Non-Blocking assignments
  • Execution branching
  • Tasks and Functions
[5] Finite State Machine
  • Basic FSM structure
  • Moore Vs Mealy
  • Common FSM coding styles
  • Registered outputs
[6] Advanced Verilog for Verification
  • System Tasks
  • Internal variable monitoring
  • Compiler directives
  • File input and output
[7] Synthesis Coding Style
  • Registers in Verilog
  • Unwanted Latches
  • Operator synthesis
  • RTL Coding Style
Code Coverage
  • Statement coverage
  • Branch Coverage
  • Expression Coverage
  • Path Coverage
  • Toggle Coverage
  • FSM - State, Arc and Sequence overage

Universal Verification Methodology - [uvm]

Duration : 3 Days
  • Introduction to UVM Methodology
  • Overview of Project
  • UVM TB Architecture
  • Stimulus Modeling
  • Creating UVCs and Environment
  • UVM Simulation Phases
  • Testcase Classes

  • TLM Overview
  • Configuring TB Environment
  • UVM Sequences
  • UVM sequencers
  • Connecting DUT - Virtual Interface
  • Virtual Sequenes and Sequencers

  • Creating TB Infrastructure
  • Connecting multiple UVCs
  • Building a Scoreboard
  • Introduction to Register Modeling
  • Building reusable environments

Open Verification Methodology - [OVM]

Duration : 2 Days


Duration : 2 Days

Systemverilog + OVM/UVM

Duration : 7 Days

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