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VLSI Design Methodologies

By Sivakumar P R

VLSI Design Methodologies course is a front end VLSI course which imparts the VLSI Design Flow, Digital Design and RTL programming using Verilog HDL This course starts with an overview of VLSI and explains the VLSI technology, SoC design, Moore’s law and the difference between ASIC and FPGA. With this overview, it walks you through all the steps of complete VLSI Design flow and explains every step in detail. Then it covers the complete digital design, combinational, sequential and FSM designs. And then finally it trains you extensively on the Verilog HDL programming and makes you a hands-on RTL designer.

SOC Design

By Sivakumar P R

This SoC course explains the Very Large Scale Integration[VLSI] Technology, VLSI Design Flow, SoC Architecture and Design Process. It walks you through all the concepts, VLSI overview, Moore's Law, Why VLSI?, Smart Phone Design with SoC and Application Specific Integrated Circuit Vs Field Programmable Gate Array. And the VLSI Design Flow module explains all the steps of IC design in detail from Specification to GDSII with various examples. This course will make you familiar with the complete chip design process.

Verilog HDL

By Sivakumar P R

This Verilog course covers the coding for synthesis and simulation. It explains the concepts of hardware description language and basic concepts like data types and operators. Then it explains the advanced concepts like assignments, procedural blocks, synthesis coding style and testbench coding, in detail with various examples. Doing the labs and projects will make you a hands-on RTL programmer

Digital Design

By Sivakumar P R

This Digital Design course covers the complete digital design and explains the concepts of combinational, sequential, FSM designs and Memories. It is composed of the theory modules which explain the concepts of Logic Gates, Adder, Subtractor, Decoder, Encoder, Multiplexer, Demultiplexer, Flipflops, Latches, Counters , Registers, Memories and Finite state machine.


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Free Online VLSI Course - SoC Design

Our highly popular Online VLSI Course, System on Chip Design course explains VLSI Technology, SoC Architecture and Design Process and gets you started for the advanced VLSI skills. To encourage the smart electronics engineers to kick start their first step towards their VLSI Career, this highly popular online VLSI tutorial System on Chip Design course is given for free. Fill the details above to get the free access.

After completing this Free VLSI course, you will be familiar with the complete VLSI chip design process and ready to upgrade for our Advanced Courses.

Upgrade to Online VLSI Design Methodologies Course [ VLSI - DM]

Upgrade to the Online VLSI Design Methodologies Course is an upgrade of your VLSI career. In this frontend VLSI course, you can explore interesting VLSI tutorials, Digital Electronics and Verilog tutorials and can become a certified RTL designer. This online VLSI course comes with free Digital Hands-on course and free Verilog Hands-on course.

Labs | Project | Hard Copy Support Material | Live Q&A | Mobile Apps

After successful completion of online VLSI Design Methodologies course, you can win your chance of availing our Job oriented Advanced ASIC Verification Course for FREE.

Start your VLSI Career with ASIC Verification Course [ VLSI VM ]

The VLSI-VM campus course imparts advanced verification technologies & methodologies and trains the engineers extensively on SystemVerilog and UVM. One can easily enter into the VLSI industry with the skill sets that are gained through this training course.

Dynamic Course Structure | Industry Standard Projects | Labs | Business Communication Sessions | 24*7 Lab access & support | Internship | 100% placement assistance

About the Instructor

The entire course is designed and delivered by CEO Mr. P R Sivakumar, a seasoned engineering professional with 20+ years of experience in Industry and Academia.

He has worked as a Verification Consultant for the top EDA companies Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor and helped various ASIC and FPGA design houses deploy and use various verification methodologies effectively, resulting in successful tape out of SoCs and Chips.

He now specializes in offering Verification IPs and consulting services, EDA flow development and corporate training on advanced ASIC verification methodologies and technologies. He is the recipient of the "Outstanding Technical Achievement" award from Cadence Design Systems and has delivered various corporate training courses at IBM, NXP, Cypress, Broadcom, Qualcomm, ST Micro, AMD, AvagoTech, Wipro, Samsung, etc

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What are the online VLSI courses available?

VLSI System On Chip Course, VLSI Design Course, Digital Electronics Course, Verilog HDL course, Digital Design Hands-on Course, Verilog HDL Hands-on Courses etc... You can explore the courses at

Do you provide a certificate after completion of the course?

Yes. The Online VLSI Design course is a certification course where you receive the certificate with a grade after successful completion of course.

Can I learn SystemVerilog and UVM online?

Currently we are not offering online course for SystemVerilog and UVM. You can join our classroom course on Advanced ASIC verification to learn these concepts as per the industry standards. We provide 100% placement assistance with this course.

In online VLSI Design Course, will I get practical exposure or only theoretical knowledge is provided?

Yes, apart from theoretical, you will get the practical exposure as a part of this online VLSI Design course through labs and projects. You will practice the labs with EDA tools for the hands-on experience and also work on a VLSI project to experience the complete lifecycle from architecture to synthesis.

What if I miss any session of course, can I watch it again?

Each session of course module is recorded and you will have the option to view the recorded videos multiple times at your convenience.

May I know about the trainer?

The Online VLSI courses are designed and delivered by our CEO Mr. SivaKumar P R who holds 20+ years of experience in industry & academia.

What is the duration of Online VLSI Courses?

There is no specific duration for the courses. You can do the online VLSI courses at your own pace. The Validity period for the all the online courses is mentioned in the respective course pages

What if I couldn’t complete the course on time? Can I get an extension or can it be renewed again?

Yes, you can renew the course with an extension of validity at a minimal cost.

Will you provide any course materials?

Yes. We provide hardcopy support material with Online VLSI Design Course. The same will be couriered to your registered address. Note: Support material is provided only for online VLSI Design course.

What options do I have after completing online VLSI Design course?

After completing online VLSI Design course, you can easily crack college campus interviews or you can upgrade your job oriented skills with our job oriented Advanced ASIC Verification course with 100% placement assistance.

What are the perks of doing the online front-end VLSI Design course?

You can learn at your own pace & also you can revise when needed.

Is there an option to pause the course for some days?

Yes, the Online VLSI courses can be paused & resumed for some days.

I am a student / working professional, will the timings be comfortable for me?

Yes, This online VLSI course has been specially designed to suit your busy schedule. The course can be accessed anytime from anywhere as per your convenience through Laptop or Mobile App.

Do you have a demo session for the VLSI courses?

Yes, you can attend the free preview session of all the online courses by registering on our E-learning portal

What is the prerequisite to join this course?

The Online VLSI Courses can be availed by undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates of below mentioned streams. BE/BTech in EEE/ECE/TE/CSE/IT/Instrumentation ME/MTech/MS in Electronics/MSc Electronics

How can I take the admission for Maven Silicon VLSI online courses?

You can browse for a variety of online VLSI courses and also subscribe directly from our portal We also have free VLSI courses on various topics i.e. VLSI Design using Verilog HDL, SoC.

Is there any offers/ Discount available for online VLSI Courses?

You can browse for a variety of online VLSI courses and the discounts available for the same at our portal You can also take our free online VLSI Course VLSI Design using Verilog HDL to start your VLSI learning.

Do you have any entrance exam?

There is no entrance exam for online VLSI courses.

Do I have to pay the entire fee in one go?

Yes, in order to activate the course you need to make the complete payment. The Online VLSI courses are available on a minimal price and we also have free online VLSI courses on our portal

Will I receive any proof after paying the fees?

The Invoice with our GSTN number will be emailed to the registered email id within 2 days.

What kind of support will I get during course?

The online VLSI Design course comes with a hard copy of support learning material, labs, knowledge checks, access to course videos, live Q&A sessions and technical expert’s guidance for clarifying doubts to ensure a great learning experience.

If I am facing any issue while installing the EDA Tool, can I receive the support from your team?

Our online VLSI courses come with 24/7 technical support. Our IT team helps you in installing the tools.

What do I do if I have any technical queries?

We have Live Q&A sessions with our Technical Experts every week where you can ask your queries & they answer it. Else you can always write an email with your queries and it will be answered within 1-2 working days.

What are the tools used in the Online VLSI Design course?

The latest Versions of Altera Quartus, modelSim would be accessible at no additional charge for the Lab/Project Work.

Do we get any Industry Standard VLSI project to work on?

The projects we provide are of similar complexity of real time VLSI projects / Industry Standard VLSI Projects but of a smaller size which gives you the hands-on experience of complete lifecycle of a VLSI project from architecture to synthesis.

Can I practice labs from home in my laptop?

Yes. During the online VLSI Design course duration, The EDA tool is installed in the local machine which gives the flexibility to do labs anytime at your convenience from home.

How will online VLSI Design course certification help me to get a job in VLSI Industry?

Online VLSI Design Methodologies course helps with a strong foundation in VLSI Design, Digital Electronics and Verilog. It makes you ready for core companies interviews. Since Maven Silicon is the top training institute in Front End VLSI and well known in the Industry for its unique and Industry relevant Course structure, the VLSI-DM Certificate adds a lot of value in your resume. You can also take up our Advanced ASIC Verification course with 100% placement assistance by completing VLSI DM course and can avail upto 100% scholarship based on your grades.

How can I get into VLSI Industry being a fresher?

Online VLSI Design course will help you to Start learning the fundamentals required for VLSI Industry during your College duration itself. And then upgrade your job oriented skills with our job oriented Advanced ASIC Verification course with 100% placement assistance. VLSI Industry needs the skilled candidates with good command on Verilog HDL , SystemVerilog HVL , UVM. You will learn all the advanced concepts in our job oriented VLSI Courses