VLSI Design Internship

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VLSI Internship in Bangalore
VLSI Internship in Bangalore

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VLSI Internship in Bangalore

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with 20+ yrs of avg exp

VLSI Internship in Bangalore

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VLSI Internship in Bangalore


VLSI Internship in Bangalore

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Why Internship?

Finding work can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t have any experience. Yet to get experience you must first find a job. Its a tricky catch that can be difficult to get around, but an internship is a good way to do it !!

How Internships Help ?  

  • Applying theoretical concepts
  • Unlimited Learning 
  • Gaining Valuable work experience 
  • Deciding if this is the right career for you   
  • Having an Edge over your Peers

4 Weeks

Summer Course

What is VLSI Design Internship?

This VLSI Design Internship Is specially designed for Pre-final and final engineering students and it starts with learning of concepts on VLSI Design, Digital Electronics & Verilog HDL which will be highly required to start an industry standard protocol based project. Doing this project will make you a hands-on RTL Designer.

The project work includes:

  • Project Specification Analysis
  • Creating the Design architecture
  • Partitioning the Design
  • RTL coding in Verilog HDL
  • RTL Synthesis

Key Features

  • Inexpensive VLSI Course 
  • Internship Certificate from Aceic Design Technologies Pvt Ltd.,
  • Free Online VLSI Design Course
  • Well Defined Labs and Industry Standard Projects
  • Course Delivered by Industry Experts
  • 24/7 Lab Access and support
  • Avail up to 100% scholarship on Advanced ASIC Verification Course [VLSI VM] with placement assistance
VLSI Internship in Bangalore


The curriculum of VLSI Design Internship program is designed with the goal to impart the Digital Design & Verilog HDL and VLSI Design concepts through theory concepts which will be highly required to start an industry standard protocol based project.


Introduction to VLSI

  • VLSI Design Flow
  • RTL Design Methodologies
  • VLSI Design Flow Steps


Introduction to Linux

  • Components of UNIX system
  • Directory Structure
  • Utilities and Commands
  • Vi Editor


Digital Design

  • Introduction to Digital Electronics
  • Arithmetic Circuits
  • Data processing Circuits
  • Universal Logic Elements
  • Combinational Circuits - Design and Analysis
  • Latches and Flip flops
  • Shift Registers and Counters
  • Sequential Circuits - Design and Analysis
  • Memories and PLD
  • Finite State Machine


Verilog HDL - RTL Coding and Synthesis

[1] Introduction to Verlog HDL

  • Applications of Verilog HDL
  • Verilog HDL language concept
  • Verilog language basics and constructs
  • Abstraction levels

[2] Data Types

  • Type Concept
  • Nets and registers
  • Non hardware equivalent variables
  • Arrays

[3] Verilog Operators

  • Logical operators
  • Bitwise and Reduction operators
  • Concatenation and conditional
  • Relational and arithmetic
  • Shift and Equality operators
  • Operators precedence

[4] Assignments

  • Type of assignments
  • Continuous assignments
  • Timing references
  • Procedures
  • Blocking and Non-Blocking assignments
  • Execution branching
  • Tasks and Functions

[5] Finite State Machine

  • Basic FSM structure
  • Moore Vs Mealy
  • Common FSM coding styles
  • Registered outputs

[6] Synthesis Coding Style

  • Registers in Verilog
  • Unwanted latches
  • Operator synthesis
  • RTL Coding style


Verilog Mini Project RTL Coding and Synthesis

  • Project Specification Analysis
  • Understanding the architecture
  • Module level implementation and verification
  • Building the top-level module
  • Implementing the design into the FPGA board


Industry Standard Project

  • Design specification analysis
  • Creating the design architecture
  • Partitioning the design
  • RTL coding in Verilog
  • RTL Synthesis
  • Place & Route the netlist
  • Timing Simulation

Career Support

This VLSI Design Internship program works as a solid foundation for your dream career in VLSI domain. After completion of this course, you can upgrade to Advanced ASIC Verification Course with placement assistance and get a job in Semiconductor Industry. You can avail up to 100% scholarship on the job oriented VLSI Courses. T&C Apply

We're dedicated to the success of our trainees. We connect our trainees with core companies who are interested in hiring ready-to-deploy freshers laced with Industry standard skill set. Listen from our CEO Mr. P R Sivakumar, how our powerful training and support services help you reach your goals.


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Why Maven Silicon?

VLSI Internship in Bangalore

Value for Money

Minimal price and highly affordable

VLSI Internship in Bangalore

Superior Training Methodology

Unique training methodology to help students to learn the complex technology at a quick pace

VLSI Internship in Bangalore

Available on Mobile apps

Accessible anywhere,
anytime on any device.

VLSI Internship in Bangalore

Makes the student an employable certified RTL Designer in a short span of time

VLSI Internship in Bangalore

Gives power to deliver smart college projects and ace the interviews from core companies

VLSI Internship in Bangalore

Scholarship on certification for job oriented advanced class room courses

Admission Process

Recommended Background

BE/BTech in EEE/ECE/TE/CSE/IT/Instrumentation

ME/MTech/MS in Electronics/MSc Electronics

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When can I apply for the VLSI Design Internship?

We start accepting applications for VLSI Design Internship program at Maven Silicon while you are in your 6th,7th and 8th Semester of your graduation. Advise you to book your seats in advance, pertaining to limited admissions and increased demand.

Do you have any entrance exam?

There is no entrance exam for VLSI Design Internship program.

Who can apply for this VLSI Design Internship program?

This VLSI Design Internship program can be availed by pre final and final year engineering students of below mentioned streams. BE/BTech in EEE/ECE/TE/CSE/IT/Instrumentation ME/MTech/MS in Electronics/MSc Electronics

Do you provide a certificate after completion of the course?

Yes. You will get Internship Certificate from Aceic Design Technologies.

In VLSI Design Internship program, will I get practical exposure or only theoretical knowledge is provided?

Yes, apart from theoretical, you will get the practical exposure as a part of this VLSI Design Internship program through labs and projects. You will practice the labs with EDA tools for the hands-on experience and also work on a VLSI project to experience the complete lifecycle from architecture to synthesis.

What options do I have after completing VLSI Design Internship program?

After completing VLSI Design Internship program, you can easily crack college campus interviews or you can upgrade your job oriented skills with our job oriented Advanced ASIC Verification course with 100% placement assistance.

If I'm not able to complete my project during the internship period, will it be possible to continue from my college itself?

As we provide 24/7 VPN access, you can continue your VLSI project where ever you are.

What kind of extra support will be given during the VLSI Design Internship program?

Free VLSI Video tutorials of Online VLSI Design Course and 24/7 Lab access.

Can I do the labs and projects from home?

Yes, you can do the labs and projects from home as we provide 24/7 Lab access through VPN.

Can I bring my laptop?

We are equipped with 200+ laptops/computers to support your learning process. Also, we strictly prohibit the use of your personal laptops/storage device in the premises under the copyright and trademark infringement act.

How does the internship at Maven work?

During this VLSI Design Internship program, you get to work on industry standard projects around VLSI Design. All this will make you Industry Ready , experienced and equip you with the required skill set.

Will you provide any course materials?

Yes. We provide hardcopy support material with VLSI Design Internship program.

Is this VLSI Design Internship program helpful to enter into VLSI Industry?

Yes, as this VLSI Design Internship program covers all the required Skills and knowledge of Frond end design like ASIC Design Flow, Digital Electronics or Logic Design, RTL Design using Verilog HDL and makes you strong on required VLSI fundamentals.

Which has better career opportunities, Front end or Backend VLSI?

With the recent trends of VLSI design to be more on System on Chip designs, the scope of Front end design Verification has also increased from pure functional simulations to Formal verification, FPGA and other Emulation, Hardware and Software Co verification etc. Moreover with the recent emergence of Artificial intelligence, Genetic algorithm and it's implementation towards VLSI Design opens up a huge scope for Front end. So there are lots of opportunities for a front end design engineer in IP based designs and System on Chip designs.

To pursue VLSI Career in Frontend which are the subjects to be focused?

Basic Electronics, Digital Electronics or Logic Design, CMOS Basics, Verilog HDL, SystemVerilog HDVL, Static timing analysis basics, UVM methodologies,

What are the tools used in the courses?

The latest Versions of Mentor Graphics - Modelsim would be accessible at no additional charge for the Lab/Project Work.

Do we get any Industry Standard VLSI project to work on?

The projects we provide are of similar complexity of real time VLSI projects / Industry Standard VLSI Projects but of a smaller size which gives you the hands-on experience of complete lifecycle of a VLSI project from architecture to synthesis.

How will VLSI Design Internship program help me to get a job in VLSI Industry?

VLSI Design Internship program helps with a strong foundation in VLSI Design, Digital Electronics and Verilog. It makes you ready for core companies interviews. You can also take up our Advanced ASIC Verification course with 100% placement assistance by completing VLSI Design Internship program and can avail upto 100% scholarship based on your grades.

How can I get into VLSI Industry being a fresher?

learning the fundamentals required for VLSI Industry during your College duration itself. And then upgrade your job oriented skills with our job oriented Advanced ASIC Verification course with 100% placement assistance. VLSI Industry needs the skilled candidates with good command on Verilog HDL , SystemVerilog HVL , UVM. You will learn all the advanced concepts in our job oriented VLSI Courses