Our Quality Policy :

At Maven Silicon we offer high quality training services to all our customers, fresh engineering graduates and corporate houses, without any discrimination.

  • We continuously update the course contents, lab materials and projects every 6 months, based on the industry requirements.
  • We provide certification only to qualified trainees with different grades, based on their performance during the training course.
  • We collect feedbacks after delivering each module and discuss this with our faculty and trainees, ensuring continuous improvement.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." - William A. Foster

The testimonials of our trainees can help you to understand the satisfactory trainings delivered by us. Click here for Google Reviews

Harjot Singh – Acceletrade Technologies

VLSI RN Course

Very Supportive Staff. VPN Facilities for additional Practice. The Content they teach is according to industry Standards. 100 % Placement assistance. I got placed in Acceletrade Technologies. After my Course. Thanks. Proud to be Mavenite!!


VLSI Online Course

The online course content delivered by Siva Sir(CEO, Maven Silicon) is very good to learn and understand VLSI Design and Verilog language. The live Q&A sessions to clarify the doubts is an added advantage which gives the feel of classroom learning. If you want to enter the VLSI field, Online VLSI DM course is very useful.

Jajji Janakiram - Samsung

VLSI VM Course

I joined Maven-silicon 5 months ago , before joining here I took online DM Course from maven which helped me in improving my Digital and Verilog concepts and gave me enough confidence for entering into the VLSI industry and during online DM course live Q&A sessions especially helped me in clearing all my doubts. Show more[+]

Sachidananda Reddy – Signoff Semiconductors

VLSI RN Course

It was a great experience to be trained by such a knowledgeable group of trainers. The sessions were clearly structured and thought provoking.
The whole experience was really challenging and demanding. I'm really happy I've chosen to do the course with MAVEN SILICON.

Guttikonda Naveen

VLSI Online Course

Amazing course delivered by Siva Sir. I could watch the videos even while travelling. The concepts learnt with labs and projects have made me confident in VLSI Design and Verilog Programming. The Live Q&A sessions were also very useful. Best online course to start VLSI Learning!!

Sneha Krishna – Intel

VLSI VM Course

I am placed at Intel as Grade 5 design engineer. The journey with Maven Silicon is phenomenal. I started off by taking Online DM course. The course contains Digital and Verilog content. It also contains labs and mini project. So we will be able to master RTL Design and do the mini project. Excellent lab sessions and protocol based projects which helps to gain Industry experience. Excellent faculty members and I enjoyed this amazing journey.

Rizeen Shaikh - A & W Engineering Works

VLSI RN Course

Hey people, I am happy to say that I have been placed in A & W Engineering Works as a FPGA Engineer, by the Maven placements team. For those who are interested to build a career in VLSI, this is the place you can opt for. The course structure is well planned. Technical teaching staff is very friendly & approachable. Soft skills training sessions are also provided for all students as part of training, which helps students a lot to excel in the interviews. I am happy that I chose Maven as a stepping stone for my career.

Rahul Kanna M - Innovative Logic Design Pvt Ltd

VLSI RN Course

Maven Silicon has the BEST course structured for VLSI DESIGN & VERIFICATION (VLSI-RN). Highly qualified faculties and trainers. The course is structured in such a way that both basics of RTL Design and Verification are covered. Since they are allocating 70% of the time for lab session, it has been very helpful for me to understand concepts better.Show more[+]

Rutika Shinde - Synopsys

VLSI RN Course

I am very happy that I got placed into my dream company i.e. Synopsys and Maven Silicon has helped me a lot to achieve my dream. Maven is a very good platform for students who want to get into VLSI Industry. Technical staff here are very skilled to train us and help us get through our technical challenges.Overall you will get practical hands-on by doing different projects which is really very important to get into any VLSI Company.

Dattatreya Madgula – Intel

VLSI RN Course

Great place to learn Digital design, HDL like Verilog, HDVL like System Verilog and Verification methodology like UVM. We get to apply these concepts in the labs and work with Linux environment which is needed for the VLSI industry. They provide placement assistance for all the candidates. Highly recommended. I'm placed at Intel India.

P G Vinay Kumar - Samsung

VLSI RN Course

Hello everyone, I had joined 4 months back and I am very happy that I got placed into my dream company.i.e, SAMSUNG. People who want to enter into the VLSI industry this is a good place to get trained.Teaching and lab facilities are excellent. They will teach the concepts in depth that is helpful to crack the interviews in top VLSI companies. It was a great experience to me as a Mavenite and I can confidently say that you should experience it too.

Kirtish Jain - Aura Semiconductor

VLSI RN Course

I am getting trained here in Maven and one thing which I can firmly say is that all the trainers and staff are very approachable in maven , I learnt the most critical subject System Verilog from Sindhuja ma’am and the way she explains with examples makes the concepts easy and interesting. The training and placement support is really good here. If you are planning to learn VLSI , this is the best place .

Chandana Elizabeth Peter – IIT, Hyderabad

VLSI RN Course

Maven Silicon is the exact place you need to be if you are a person with a dream to build a career in the VLSI industry. In my training period here in Maven Silicon as a trainee and later an intern, I was able to do many great projects that are industry oriented and ones that will give you an upper hand while competing with other people. And this is exactly what helped in getting placed in IIT Hyderabad as a Project Associate. In short Maven Silicon paves you the path to success in the VLSI field.

Deepashree J R - Synopsys

VLSI RN Course

IMaven silicon is one of the best training institutes to accelerate your career in VLSI industry.

My experience in this institute was great, they have unique technique and monthly plan for training students. Monthly tests were best part to verify how much we have learnt and how much we need to put our efforts. From teaching staff to placement co-ordinator everyone stood supportive to me.Show more[+]

Bhanu Suprabhath - Samsung

VLSI RN Course

I am very happy that I got placed into my dream company i.e. SAMSUNG and Maven Silicon has helped me a lot to achieve my dream. If anyone wants to start their career in VLSI industry then I would suggest Maven silicon is the right place. Technical staff here are very skilled to train us and help us to get through our technical challenges. Even if you are from Electrical background, don't worry you will do great because that is how they will teach you everything from scratch.Show more[+]

Nipun Sharma - Samsung

VLSI RN Course

They start right from basic digital and work their work all the way up to SV and UVM. The faculty is highly experienced and will know where you need help and will always be ready to help.

Even the Placement team will be available 24*7 getting in more companies and getting you placed. If you have completed your course, they will not leave you but will give you projects so that you keep in touch with your knowledge till you get placed.Show more[+]

Leo Porinchu Joy - Aura Semiconductors

VLSI RN Course

Maven Silicon is the best place where you can get good training and lab facilities to get skilled in VLSI domain. The placement team here also helps a lot in getting into the industry. I have been trained here and got my placement into Aura Semiconductors from Maven Silicon.

T Praveen Kumar Reddy - SmartIOPS

VLSI RN Course

Good experience here not like other institutions, where they leave students after end of course...but in Maven they hold people with them.but we should be on toes as competition is in every industry.And I'm placed at smartiops Trivandrum by the placement support here.

Devyani Tyagi - T&VS

VLSI RN Course

If you are going through the reviews of Maven Silicon to get assured then I will suggest you to join it without a second thought if you are really passionate about VLSI industry. The Classrooms, the Labs are excellent here and Communication classes will help you in grooming your complete personality and boost your confidence which is very important to crack an interview.Show more[+]

R Sangeetha - Samsung

VLSI RN Course

Seeing my performance during initial design modules, placement team gave me the opportunity with Samsung during 4th month of training and I am happy to get placed as design engineer. You only need to follow their training and your success is assured.

Akshaya Venkatesan – Cientra Tech Solutions

VLSI RN Course

The classes were very good and useful. Each and every staff who handled the subjects, were dynamic in their approach, understanding towards the students and passionate towards the subject. Your skill set will improve greatly after the course.

The placement support they offer is commendable. If you are truly passionate about VLSI Design and Verification and would like to improve your knowledge, you are in for a treat !

Gajanan Nalbalwar - Aura Semiconductor

VLSI RN Course

Here they teach you the most important module of VLSI industry that is Digital, Verilog, System Verilog, UVM and PERL. Well structured course, good technical staff and placement opportunities from top Semiconductor companies i.e. Cadence, Synopsys, Intel. Finally, I got placed in Aura Semiconductor as a Digital Design Engineer.

Vishwas Neelakant – Wipro

VLSI RN Course

Maven Silicon is providing the best and in-depth knowledge on VLSI subjects that are needed to enter this industry. They start from scratch for the front-end design and verification. They provide individual projects for hands-on learning that hugely develops the practical knowledge.


VLSI RN Course

Maven Silicon is the best place to start your career in VLSI field with great faculty, course materials and lab facilities. This institute is worth for the time and money spent. The placement assistance provided by Maven is very good. If you are planning your career in front end VLSI domain, Maven Silicon is the place to go for it.

Atturu Meghana – L&T Technology Services

VLSI RN Course

Maven Silicon is the best platform for the freshers to enter into the VLSI industry. During the training we got good knowledge on Digital Electronics, Verilog, System Verilog, UVM and received ample opportunities during my training here. Thanks for the placement and technical team who supported me to start my career in VLSI industry.

Siri Sosale - Intel

VLSI RN Course

Maven Silicon provides an excellent learning environment. The teachers and staff are always ready to clarify any doubts and don't hesitate to spend extra time to clear any confusions or explain any topics. The hands-on training provided in labs gives us a better understanding of the subjects and is also helpful in the industry.

They also offer good placement opportunities with some of the giants in semiconductor industry.

Bendi Sharmila Devi - Cientra

VLSI RN Course

It is a very good place to gain knowledge in ASIC Design and Verification. I'm trained in Maven for 6months and also completed an internship. Now I'm placed in Cientra as a Design Engineer because of Maven only.

Pradeep Reddy - Altran

VLSI RN Course

Maven Silicon provides industry level training and makes us ready for the industry. The course is well structured with 30% theory classes and 70% practical labs, so we can learn everything from scratch.

The management is so encouraging. They provide placement opportunities until we are placed in VLSI Company.

Donga Raghu – Wipro

VLSI RN Course

If you're really interested in front end VLSI and get into the world of digital circuits this is the place to be.

If you're even from electrical background, don't worry, you'll do great because that's how they teach everything from scratch. It was really a great experience to me as a Mavenite and I say you should experience it too.

Ram Babu joined Qualcomm

VLSI RN Course

I have been trained in Maven-Silicon and I felt its worth to join here. Subjects will be taught by industrial experts and you can get hands on experience since there will be more practical sessions than theoretical. They will provide 100% placement assistance.

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