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How to ace a Group Discussion

How to ace a Group Discussion

Group Discussion! 

I’m sure all of you must have heard or been a part of this activity as part of your job interview process.

Some of us also really look forward to escaping it or pray for a process with no GD in it.

Isn’t it?

Well, you know something! Group discussion could be a cakewalk if you know the simple tips to help you ace it.

So! Here you go:

  1. Know the Why: Why is Group discussion a crucial part of the filtration process for the job. Why are some companies so particular about it? Why is it important to get through this?

The answer to all these questions is pretty simple. Group discussion is a one-stop solution for the organizations to narrow down the choices for the right candidate.

It is a helpful procedure in the case of numerous job applicants.

But ultimately everything boils down to their requirement of a really confident and expressive candidate. 

Needless to say, confidence is the key.

  1. How do you demonstrate confidence?
    • Initiate the discussion and grab the opportunity to speak first
    • Step forward and speak, as part of confident body language.
    • Maintain eye contact with your fellow mates and the observer
    • Be subtle with your facial expressions.
    • Lead the discussion/ don’t be passive
    • Allow others to speak but do bounce back to register your presence
    • Be an assertive speaker
  1. How to initiate?
    • Introduce yourself and the topic
    • Set the context with some strong opening lines.
  1. How to start/set the context?
    • Define the topic
    • A story which can lead to the topic
    • Some statistics, facts, figures to get some attention
    • Start with a question and get to the topic by answering it
  1. What if you are clueless about the topic?
    • Still, initiate the discussion
    • Introduce yourself and the topic
    • Invite opinions from fellow participants
      For example: So the topic for today is the Impact of Corona outbreak on the world economy and I’m really intrigued to know what everyone here thinks about it?

So what do you think? 

  1. Nonverbal communication :
    • Gestures help you express
    • No pointing fingers
    • Maintain good proximity with fellow participants.
    • Raise your hand to interrupt instead of raising your volume
    • Use your body language to make some room for yourself
    • Be high on your volume but polite with your tone
    • Use voice modulation to make it interesting
  1. Content :
    • Keep it relevant
    • Stick to pointers
    • Get in numbers/facts only if you are sure of
    • Keep it simple
  1. Closure :

Closing is as crucial as beginning

    • Take the initiative here too
    • No new points
    • No biased/one-sided closure
    • The best closure is the summary of the entire discussion
    • Keep it short and precise
    • Don’t forget to thank everyone

Some practice, some reading and you are ready to ace the group discussion like a pro.

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