First Job! Are you all equipped?

First Job! Are you all equipped?

Got your first job?

Yay! Congratulations.

Must be relieved right?

Time to commemorate your achievement.

But is that it? Or is there more to getting a job?

Well! Sustaining and growing in your job is your next milestone.

Especially in the scenario where work from home is the new normal.

You don’t have your Manager to constantly nudge you in the right direction, you don’t have a team to reach out to frequently, every conversation takes a longer time to reach closure, and tea-breaks are not as fun.

But as they say, the show must go on!

So here are some pro tips for all you freshers to dazzle your bosses while working from home with your work etiquette.

  1. Listen to comprehend, not react: You are a newbie and are definitely looking forward to setting your impressions. But, remember listening and observing can make you more acquainted with people and processes. You don’t want to end up being a blabber. Right?
  2. Excessive Communication is better than assumption: Now! This is not a contradiction with point one. Communicating proactively and keeping your Manager/Team leader updated on your progress/any troubles/Internet issues you may have is essential.

This fetches you your Manager’s trust and also doesn’t put you in a tight spot every now and then.

  1. Creating a checklist should be inevitable: The human brain can hold up to 4.7 million books in memory. Then, why do failures happen? Why do we miss important things sometimes?

Checklists are reminders and keep you at peace. Checklists can improve performance in the job and help people achieve more consistent results.

Do start your day with a checklist, review it by EOD, and make sure to push the pending tasks into the next one.

  1. Set Ground Rules: Distractions are the biggest challenge of working from home. Be it the absence of a workstation, be it non-work-related tasks, having your close ones around, or the comfort of your couch. All of it can be blockers for a focussed mindset to work.

Having a schedule that includes a workout, precise time for lunch and tea breaks, and having a designated workspace is mandatory to work effectively.

  1. Seek Help: Don’t shy away from asking questions and seeking inputs from your mentors. Do ask for their availability and reach out with collated questions.

Asking relevant questions is a sign of therapeutic communication. Also, make sure to paraphrase to establish and confirm your understanding.

  1. Aim at Building Relationships: Sorry and Thank you can never run out of fashion! Initiate conversations with your team, get to know them (not at the cost of intruding in their personal space, take it slow), exchange wishes (Morning, Birthday, Work anniversaries, appreciation posts), Express gratitude when someone helps.

Investing in relationships at the workplace never goes in vain. That is a perfect recipe to create a happy workplace.

So! Get rid of that cold spine and remember!

Today is not just another day. It’s a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning. Embrace it.

Maven Silicon sends all you Engineers, loads of good vibes, positive energy, and best wishes for your new beginnings. Shine on!

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