5 habits of a Job Seeker

5 habits of a Job Seeker

Looking for a Job?

How is it going?

Naah! Not really smooth?

Already tired and frustrated?

Well! Hold on.

Sit down. Calm down and Think!

Have you been doing it effectively? If yes! Then where is the result?

And If No! Then what needs to be done?

The job search can be a tedious process without having a plan in place.

Let’s cut to the chase directly and talk about the simplest habits which can stimulate the process of Job Search.

A routine: Yes!! You got to set a routine/timetable. List the number of hours for tasks that occupy your day. This will avoid any procrastination and reduce the number of lazy days.

Note that,” Habits are the compound Interest

Your Daily task list should have these activities:

  1. Resume and Cover Letter: I’m sure all of you have one. But does it match the job requirement? Is your skillset updated and in alignment with the Job description?

Well!! Do remember that your Resume and Cover letter actually set the ground for you.

Do not roll over the same resume/cover letter for each job that you apply for.

Upgrade, Update, and Customize.

  1. List Down: The first step should be to create a repository of all your dream companies and with job openings. Everyday dedicates a minimum of two hours to just apply for the jobs in these companies.

You can also figure out your go-to job hunt sites and spend a good amount of time to apply for the jobs that suit you.

This process involves applying with customized emails and messages.

Just clicking “Apply Now” wouldn’t fetch you the results.

  1. Follow up: Oh Yes! This is one crucial step. You don’t expect the recruiters to reply to your first emails. Do you?

So? Follow up emails/messages which could be reminders, asking status-quo or enquiring results have to be sent.

Your first follow up, after a week from the day of the first email.

  1. LinkedIn: Needles to say, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for all the recruiters out there. LinkedIn has over 20 million companies listed and over 14 million open jobs.

A minimum of two hours dedicated to your LinkedIn activity should definitely be a part of your list.

It could be writing a post, engaging in relevant job posts/openings, connecting with recruiters (send personalized messages), joining relevant groups, and discussion forums.

  1. Bridge the gap: The times and demands are ever-changing. You got to be on par with what the industry expects.

Don’t be rigid about what you know. Be open and ready to unlearn and relearn.

All that matters is that you bridge the gap between what the job demands and what you have to offer. Learn new skills, add more certifications/courses to your resume.

Just by reading a couple of JDs, you will know what the industry needs.

Spend a minimum of 8-10 hours in a week to learn new skills or just add to what you got.

All the above with a blend of proactive attitude is definitely going to expedite the process of Job Search for you.

Just be out there. Don’t miss any updates/emails/messages. Acknowledge even a simple update.

Excessive Communication is always better than assumptions/no communication at all.

You got to keep your switch on 24*7.

Become relentless and so persistent, that the results completely falsify the saying, “if you chase something too desperately it eludes you.”

We at Maven Silicon truly believe that “Confidence comes from building capability and capability comes through repetition.”

Our curriculum is designed in a way that gives you immense scope for reiterations and repetitions until the concept becomes a part of your system.

All the Best. Go Get it, folks!

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