How did our Blended VLSI course lead Subashini to success?

“I am Subashini from BRN batch. I got an internship opportunity from AMD which according to me is a dream come true thing that happened in my life. I finished my BTech in ECE in the year 2018. Though I graduated in first class with distinction, I didn’t see any great career opportunities in my core domain after my BTech. So MTech is the only option left. So I took a break for a year and attempted gate 2019. I had to go through many struggles, and it was a do or die situation for me. Finally, with a decent gate score, I entered IIITDM Kancheepuram in the year 2019.

I opted for an Electronic System Design course in IIITDM. So when 2nd sem started, I realized that it’s high time to choose my domain ( front end or back end in VLSI) and work on it. I started applying for an intern in Feb 2020. I would have applied to 5-6 companies, but I didn’t get a response from them.

Then I came across the skill sets mentioned in a semiconductor company’s pre-placement talk in the month of May 2020. I was totally fed up as I don’t possess most of them that were mentioned. Later, when I had been looking for online courses to enhance my skills in the front-end VLSI domain, I came across Maven “Advanced VLSI Design and Verification course” that covered up all courses required to pursue a career in the semiconductor industry.

So I enrolled for the course in June 2020. The course started progressing and it really demanded 8-10 hrs of work per day, which in my case was much difficult because I had to manage my academics in parallel. With wonderful trainers and mentors, I really enjoyed the learning despite the tight schedule. Frequent assignments, reviews helped me to get grip on the concepts. Finally, the notification regarding AMD’s visit to campus came. I could see their job description matching my skill sets. So, I applied for the job post. As expected, I was called for a tech interview. The interview had 2 rounds each scheduled for 45 minutes. So, the questions were mostly based on digital design and Verilog programming, System Verilog, and a few on C.

Almost all the questions that were asked, were covered in the course. So, I was able to answer them. Then, it was the 3rd and 4th round of tech interviews again each scheduled for 45 minutes. Here also the questions were revolving around Digital Design, Verilog, and System Verilog concepts. I was able to answer most of the questions. Then the next day, I got an offer letter from AMD. Without these courses, I don’t think I would have cracked 4 rounds of tech interviews. Thank you, maven! Thanks to all the trainers and mentors.”

If Subashini can do it, why can’t you?

Get trained at Maven Silicon with our Blended VLSI Programs, which focus on doing Industry-Standard projects by following good design practices & principles, while learning & applying theoretical concepts and transforming you as a Hands-on VLSI Engineer.

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