Your go-to person at the workplace

Your go-to person at the workplace

You are selected for a job. Who gives you the details of your role and remuneration?

You have doubts about your remuneration breakdown, who will have you all sorted?

It’s your first day at work, who handholds and on boards you?


Your HR!!

HR or Human Resources used to be referred to as “personnel administration” in the 1920s.

HR then was just concerned with hiring, evaluating, and compensating employees. But with the changing times and globalization, HR now is more about people management.

Humans are an integral part of any productive enterprise and need to be taken care of.

HR in an organization caters to the needs of people and also circles the ideas of management.

HR today plays a significant role in developing a positive business culture and improving employee engagement and productivity, both of which are critical to business success. Employee wellness and personal development are also increasingly recognized as essential aspects of HR.

Most of us till date do not have a clear understanding of the role of HR in our organization. So! Here’s what you can expect from your HR:

  • Hiring and Onboarding: HR is your first point of contact at your workplace. Onboarding always sets the tone for any new joiner. The process gives you an insight into the company culture, ideology, and norms. Onboarding intents to making an employee feel welcomed
  • Pay and Perks: Any questions around your remuneration, salary breakdown, salary cuts, perks, added compensation, or hikes. HR is your go-to person.
  • Upskilling and Performance management: Every employee wants to be a part of a space which adds to their learning curve. Employee training and monitoring the performance, constructive feedback in order to avoid any weak links including the managers also falls under HR’s responsibility.
  • Compliance with workplace laws: The HR team designs and rolls out the rules for your workplace to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. Also, having someone to deal with everything employee related from absence management, collecting all relevant documents, getting the paperwork completed, staff grievances, holiday entitlement, pay, to maternity and paternity policies is a must for all employers.
  • Moderate Communications: Good communication can mitigate problems and misunderstandings between teams and ensure a positive vibe around the workplace.
  • Employee Engagement and Culture: A positive and vibrant workplace is almost like a dreamy land for any employee. Work can really get on your nerves without any stress buster activities. Fun Fridays, birthday celebrations, felicitating good employees, and introducing a festive environment at the workplace are all taken care of by your HR.

 A big Thank you to our HR Team for taking care of us.

HR helps connect the dots between individuals and team responsibilities and those of the rest of the organization.

For all the freshers, all ready to step in the industry, HR is your go-to person. All you need to do is know the functionality of HR in your organization. Building awareness around different key business units of an organization and sensitizing our trainees to choose the right go-to person is a part of our Business Communication training at Maven Silicon.

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