10 Communication Hacks for Job Seekers in 2023

10 Communication Hacks for Job Seekers in 2023

We’ve all been there. You’re job searching, you get an interview, and then you sit down in front of a panel of people who ask questions that seem totally random. I mean, what do they want to know? What are they looking for? How can I impress them?

Tension mounts as you try to figure out how to respond to their questions. And ultimately, it’s your ability to communicate effectively — quickly and efficiently — that will help you land that job.

Here are some communication hacks to keep in mind during your next interview to land your dream job in 2023:

  1. Small Talk is precious

Hi! How are you doing? Exchanging greetings at the beginning of a conversation helps develop connect with the interviewer. This is a kick-start to a conversation and allows you to lead the conversation, too.

  1. Smile!

It helps relax the other person and makes you more approachable and confident. A smile is infectious – when someone sees you smiling, it’s hard not to smile back at you!

  1. Listen carefully before responding to a question or comment:

Use active listening skills such as nodding your head or saying “mmm-hmm” or “I see.” This shows the other person that you’re paying attention and gives him or her time to finish speaking so he or she isn’t cut off mid-sentence.

  1. Combination of verbal and nonverbal communication is the deal sealer

What you say is important but how you say, can change the dynamics of the conversation. Polite and assertive tone, subtle gestures, confident and composed posture, making eye contact, adopting intonation in your speech, and controlled Rate of speech, are all these factors that make you an excellent speaker.

  1. Avoid using acronyms

    Avoid using acronyms or words that might be unknown to the interviewer (unless they’re included in the job description). The last thing you want is for them to interrupt your flow because they’re confused about something you’ve said.

  2. Research about your potential employer

    Prepare for an interview by researching your potential employer. Find out about its work culture, social media presence, and press mentions. It will give you a sense of what they’re looking for and help you tailor your answers accordingly.

  3. Be assertive but not aggressive

Don’t confuse assertiveness with aggression. An aggressive attitude is one that demands attention, whereas an assertive one demands respect. If someone is aggressive towards you, it can easily put you on the defensive but an assertive person can still be open to discussion and compromise. All you have to do is say what’s on your mind without being rude or intimidating.

  1. Customize and personalize

Every answer around technical skills should be aligned with the job description. This would make you relevant.

Tell stories! Projects, Strengths, or Hobbies, personal experiences will always captivate the interest of the interviewer. Keep it concise though.

  1. Buying time is ok

It is ok to forget a few points. It is ok to get stuck with a question. All you have to do is avoid awkward silence and borrow time (1 minute or two) from the interviewer to pull your thoughts together and then speak.

  1. Thank Interviewer and asking for feedback is also cool

Always thank the interviewer for their time. Also saying, “It would be lovely to get feedback” would be a perfect end to the conversation.

There’s a lot to do in an interview and you probably want to be as prepared as possible. It’s 2023 and in this age of technology, communication is extremely important when it comes to job searching. These tips are meant to help you find a way to stick out from the rest.

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