Are there good opportunities for the freshers in the VLSI Industry?

Are there good opportunities for the freshers in the VLSI Industry

The Semiconductor/VLSI Industry in India is growing huge, no doubt. Almost all the top semiconductor and EDA corporations have operations in India. In India, we need more young engineers who can do Verification, Physical Design, STA, AMS, DFT, Testing, etc for the IP, SoC, and Chips. Most of the product companies [Chip & IP makers] outsource the above-mentioned activities, Verification, PD, etc., to their branch offices and services companies in India. Services companies hire a huge number of talented freshers who are experts in Verification, PD, DFT, etc because it helps them to save the cost in terms of salary expenses. At the same time, it helps freshers to utilize all kinds of opportunities in services space to grow as an experienced VLSI engineer and build their long-term career in the semiconductor industry.

Our engineers are well known for using all kinds of latest Verification languages and methodologies like SystemVerilog and UVM in the world. We are the best programmers and skilled engineers, whether it is VLSI design or software. So, it helps the global semiconductor industry to outsource all the activities, i.e. Verification, Physical Design, STA, AMS, DFT, Testing, PCB, System Design, etc to India.

Though there are a lot of opportunities and vacancies, the semiconductor industry hires only talented engineers and nobody hires an average engineer just for the sake of filling in the vacancies. The truth is, the industry struggles to fill in the vacancies. If you are truly passionate about chip design, then choose VLSI.

To identify passionate engineers like you, I have published the inexpensive online VLSI design course VLSI Design Methodologies. You can do this course during your engineering and practice well. It also helps you to understand whether VLSI is your cup of coffee. If you enjoy learning VLSI design, then you can plan for doing advanced VLSI courses at VLSI finishing schools like Maven Silicon.

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