Evolution of Verification Engineers

Evolution of verification engineers

Excerpts from a conversation of the verification experts on  the topic ’Evolution of verification engineers’ :

Is this going to be the golden age for verification engineers, or will verification engineers just disappear or join the marketing team?

Hamid: They will become more powerful than they are today.

Arbel: They will become architects.

Rosenberg: There will have more power and they will have more good questions for the architect. The verification team already sees the value, and they will see more as the vendors expand their solutions. Plus, they will create their own. They will see value and they will use it. If the architects don’t use it, then the verification engineers will create more tests, larger regressions. They will have better questions to challenge the architects, so that will give them more respect. When we introduced randomization and coverage many years ago, there wasn’t even the concept of verification engineers. There were a few juniors who created tests, but most of the time it would be the designers who did that. And the ones that got the task of verification, it was boring because they had to create a lot of directed tests.

Reference: https://semiengineering.com/evolution-of-verification-engineers/

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