India – The new hub for chip design

India - The new hub for chip design

Texas Instruments India MD Santosh Kumar says the complexity of chips is rising so much given the new requirements that the need for validation and verification talent has grown significantly.

The US and China both have excellent chip design talent. But the US talent is just not enough for US companies, and it is to India that they typically look for the talent they need.

Here are some promising updates:

  • Google,Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are all accelerating efforts to design chips
  • Most are poaching talent from traditional chip designers like Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and from each other
  • Google’s setting up a team in Bengaluru for chip design, and the majority of its 66 job openings in the city are for this function
  • Qualcomm has 263 job openings now in India (130 in Bengaluru, 107 in Hyderabad), second only to California at 458. Only other country with a three digit figure is China
  • Intel’s city-wise job openings has Bengaluru at the top, with 403, followed by Hillsboro (Oregon, US) at 244

Put all of that together, and what we have is a picture of something dramatically new happening in chip design, and India, alongside the US, being at the centre of it. 

Bipin Pendyala, managing committee member of the Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA), says new developments in chip design has spurred a huge demand for skillsets in analog design, physical design, digital design, ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) design and ASIC verification. “Electronics engineers with these skillsets command a 20-30% premium over their software counterparts in the IT industry,” 

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