India’s Chips – How Good is Desi?

India’s Chips

In India, we VLSI engineers mostly work as either front-end TB programmers or back-end EDA experts. Though we engineers lead the semiconductor industry worldwide with the more adoption rate of the latest EDA methodologies and technologies, we need to come out of our comfort zone [Programming and Design Automation] and participate in the new initiatives like creating our own Chips/IPs. It will really help us to learn from the challenges like fabricating the chips at higher technology nodes, meeting the global market standards, scaling up the design complexity up to SoCs, etc. and make ourself competent to work for the global players like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook etc. 

Let us be proud of leading the semiconductor industry worldwide with the adoption of latest EDA methodologies and technologies while upgrading our programming and EDA expertise and learning from the new initiatives like the successful fabrication of Chips – Shakti, Ajit and Pruthvi. >>Read More

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