Is it worth learning SystemVerilog in college itself?

Is it worth learning SystemVerilog in college itself?It’s definitely worth it, but not mandatory to get into the semiconductor industry.

SystemVerilog is the most preferred language for the IP & Sub-system verification that demands constrained random verification. Also, it’s an IEEE standard Hardware Design and Verification Language [HDVL] which can be used for both the RTL design and verification. There are many enhancements in SystemVerilog[SV] with regard to RTL design language features and SV is considered as the superset of Verilog HDL.

More importantly, Universal Verification Methodology[UVM] is widely used in the industry to create the testbenches in SystemVerilog and its base class library is written in SystemVerilog. So SystemVerilog programming expertise is in huge demand and it will help any fresh electronics engineering graduate to try for both design & verification jobs in the semiconductor industry.

The semiconductor industry hires many young engineers with front-end design & verification skills, as there are many opportunities in the design verification area, in comparison with other niche domains like analog design.

Having good knowledge in subjects like basic electronics, digital & analog design, CMOS, Verilog/VHDL itself is enough to get into the semiconductor industry. But, SystemVerilog programming expertise will definitely be an added advantage and it will help you compete with other engineers who are equally talented as you and bag the job offer. Also, if you are a PostGraduate specialized in VLSI and studied SystemVerilog [SV] as one of the modules in your PG curriculum, then you may need to have in-depth knowledge in SV. Nowadays you can comfortably learn SV at your own pace through our online VLSI Verification course, than going for any expensive offline courses.

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