Mess Leads to Stress!


I bet most of you must have experienced this:

My computer was giving me a tough time some days back.

The other day an IT Guy ran through my machine and gave me a look when he saw my Desktop.

Well, this is how my Desktop looked like:











I was like, What??

Well, he got to his job of fixing up my machine and an hour later, my Desktop was all clear and had the minimal folders placed in alphabetical order.

Well, that was not impressive, but the fact that this arrangement had a huge impact on my computer’s speed was really surprising.

Seems that the clutter was the reason for slow processing!

Every day, my day starts with a hunt for my pen, notebook, some important worksheets, charging cable, or something.

It was okay until I realized that this regular hunt was the reason for a bad start to my day.

My day started with grump and cringe!

We do not prioritize cleanliness or the arrangement of things at the workplace.

The physical environment of any place has a huge impact on us.

If our surroundings are cluttered, so is our mental space.

And doesn’t it all make sense?

You get a better coffee for sure on a roadside shack, but if you are looking to spend some quality time, enjoy some peace or even looking forward to work, you choose a cafe.


Because the ambience of a place directly connects with your emotion.

A happy place is definitely equal to a happy you.

So why do we underestimate the importance of workplace cleanliness?

It is not just the job of an HR or the housekeeping staff!

Everyone wants to save the earth but no one wants to help Mom do the dishes_P.J. O’Rourke

Workplace clutter can lead to several hazards like an accident, if there is a pile of things stocked up one over other, it increases the chances of a fire spreading if there are sheets of paper all around, and more than everything it might lead to an emotional hazard.

The clutter on your desk does not only have an impact on your work, but it also impacts your rapport with your peers.

Well everyone doesn’t appreciate the mess? Right?

Not even at home!!

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