All about Phone and Video Interviews

All about Phone and Video Interviews

We have advanced in terms of tools and technology. But still, when it comes to a job interview, Phone and Video interviews are yet to be a part of the mainstream process.

Phone and Video interview process is different than a face to face in terms of the perks and challenges tagged along. But what matters the most here is our awareness around the preparation for both telephone and video interviews.

Here we go with the list:

Phone Interview:

Pre Preparation:

    1. Keep a copy of your resume along with the Job description
    2. A notebook and pen should be a part of your stationery
    3. Settle in a quiet place which is no cluttered and has no distractions
    4. Check for the network connectivity on your phone
    5. Adjust the distance from your microphone to ensure clarity
    6. Do a mock call to be assured of the connectivity
    7. Rehearse your call: Must do!


    1. Greet
    2. Indulge in a small talk
    3. Make sure to ask the name of the interviewer
    4. Prefer a chair to sit instead of a couch/bed
    5. Tone is crucial
    6. Make sure you are audible
    7. Smile: yes it reflects in your voice and helps your inflection.
    8. Listen! Do not cross-talk
    9. Avoid awkward silence. Communicate well!
    10. Buy time to process your answer and also communicate in case of a network distortion.


Ask for feedback and thank the interviewer.

Video interview:

Everything that you consider for a phone interview should be followed for the video interview too. Plus a few more to do’s:

    1. Always test run the software/application to be used for the interview
    2. Dress well, as for a face to face interview. No pajamas!
    3. Choose the best space: Room with a lot of light and a subtle backdrop
    4. Adjust the Camera so that you are clearly visible on the screen
    5. Pay attention to your posture and eye contact

Phone and video interviews definitely overpower the face to face interview in terms of calming your job nerves. Leverage this opportunity to emerge as the right candidate for the job.

We at Maven Silicon groom and prepare our trainees for different patterns/forms of interviews as a part of our VLSI RN Course. It makes them resilient and comfortable before their Big day. Getting comfortable and Savvy with Telephone and Video interviews is what the freshers need at this juncture.

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