Anatomy of an Interview

Anatomy of an Interview

Interview! What does the term mean to you?

Most of us relate this term to Nervousness, Anxiety, Fear, and Anticipation.

But if you listen to any athlete before the Big Game, all of them describe their feeling with a word called “Excitement”.

The interview has a lot to do with your mindset. A simple swap of the two words (Nervousness and Excitement) can bring a substantial difference in your performance.

An interview is nothing but a conversation between two parties intended to align their expectations. Period!

So here are a few to do’s for you, before you head for the big opportunity:

1.  Reframe the Situation: The employer needs you as much as you need them. 

This thought changes the dynamics of the interview in your mind and makes you more confident. 

2.  Small Talk helps: Interviewers are no Aliens! So Hi, Hello, How are you? It is always a good start. 

3.  Self-Presentation: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest of them all?


Your dress, your shoes, your hair are important to give you that confidence. 

4. Time: Reaching before time and getting familiar with the premises, helps you calm your nerves. 

5. Non-Verbal Communication is the way to go. Your tone, Energy, Gestures, Subtle Eye contact, facial expressions are always there to back you.

6. The ability to handle questions and approach towards a question will always be your savior. 

7. Conversations vs Scripted Answers : Your answers should be engaging. Analogies and examples would always set the stage for you.

8. A pen and some loose papers should always be a part of your kit.

9. The closure is as important as the beginning. Asking for feedback and thanking the interviewer should be your key to do’s.

10. Remember your experience is always going to be different than others. So avoid all the last-minute panic attacks. 

“Relax, You got this!”

As a part of our VLSI RN Course, we at Maven Silicon prepare our trainees on how to switch between the emotions of Nervousness and Excitement before heading for their big day and make all the difference in performance to get the victory.

All the Best and Happy Learning.

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