Are you a responsible communicator

Are you a responsible communicator

Responsible Communication! What is it?

Well if you are a host you are responsible for your audience and towards the topic of your speech/writing.

A responsible host is ethical, he is punctual and concise, and also he presents legit facts and figures.

Alright! Sounds good. Because your audience always comes with inherent expectations.

Now. Think of the last time you sent an important email and didn’t get a response. Your first reaction was probably, He’s just busy. After a few days, you wonder, did he get my email? A few days later, what did I do wrong? Then, Oh! How unprofessional.

Well, you see responsible communication is not just about the host/sender it is actually a lot about the receiver.

Acknowledgment in simple terms is the nonverbal cue that speaks about your professionalism.

Talking about business communication every email or message comes with a deadline around response time. Prompt responses are highly appreciated and no response cannot be taken as an excuse for bad behavior.

A person walks past a beggar on the street without even looking at them. The beggar feels even worse about themself.

A teacher takes time to say hello to each child, every day. The students in the class all work harder as they feel important in some way as a result of the greeting.

Acknowledging communication should be the pressing priority amidst the mythical world of too busy people. A nod in a face to face communication or an OK in response to an email. All of it is indispensable.

Two-way communication establishes trust in the workplace. Whether it’s your client, your boss, a colleague or a subordinate, everyone deserves a reciprocation.

Not replying doesn’t save you from confrontation.

The above illustration depicts the process of communication. To sum it, communication is always a two-way process that needs an active sender and an equally active receiver.

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