Tips to Improve your Job Search Process in 2023

Tips to improve your job search process in 2023

Experiencing a huge gap in wanting a job and making it happen?

Though you are everywhere… Naukri, Shine, Indeed, and LinkedIn. But not getting the response you are looking for or getting interviews but not job offers.


Not searching for the job in the right way could be a reason.

You need a job search strategy. Let’s build one.

Start with asking yourself a few questions:

Why should they hire you?

Well! You do have a strong academic qualification but there are many other factors that come into play when you are out there looking for a job. Let’s have a look at some tips to improve your job search process in 2023:

  • Certifications

Certifications show your proficiency in a particular subject. Certificate programs help learners to develop an Industry-specific specialized skill set.

When you’ve earned certification, you show that not only do you take your career seriously enough to spend time and money on continuing your education and expanding your abilities but also that you have knowledge in your field that not everyone will possess.

If you aspire to join Semiconductor Industry, refer to this link for Industry-oriented Online and campus courses from Maven Silicon.

Maven Silicon

  • Internship

You need the experience to get experience’. The work scenario in 2023 is going to be super competitive, hence staying ahead in the game becomes even more critical If you are a recent graduate or are pursuing your degree in 2023.

Internships are a gateway to the real work environment. They provide you with experience and exposure to understand the intricacies and different aspects of professional life.

Refer to this link if you are interested in online/offline VLSI Internships

VLSI Internships

  • Resume

Your resume reaches the employer much before you do.

A well-structured, clean, and precise resume with job-relevant skills have the power to open doors. To stand out among other applicants, you need a resume that markets your strengths and matches for the job.

An important tip here is to tailor your resume to match the key terms of the job description, you are going to apply for. I would suggest creating a section for the specific job-relevant skills, adding your qualification, certification, and experience there and position this section in the top third of your resume to catch the recruiter’s eye.

Refer to this article to learn more about resume preparation

Resume – Your Brand Ambassador

  • Smart communication skills

Being able to communicate effectively is not only important for Job Search but it is one of the most important life skills.

You know things and you can explain it well. Fantastic! Being able to articulate well provides a significant advantage.

To do your job effectively, you have to discuss problems, request information, interact with others, All this asks for good communication skills. They help in being understood well and in helping understand the needs of those around you.

To learn how to communicate effectively refer to this article

How to be a charming communicator

  • LinkedIn profile

It’s 2023 and if you’re not on LinkedIn, you are invisible to recruiters.

Use the excellent platform of LinkedIn as an additional marketing tool that tells your story beyond what’s on your resume.

Keep updating and optimizing your profile is more important than ever. Experts say that profiles that are longer, have more connections, and include a photo are favored by employers and that’s what separates you from your competition.

To learn how to use this platform best refer to this article

Create a Winning LinkedIn Profile

  • Personal SEO

The only way to influence other people in 2023 is to talk about what they want and show them that you got it. And, that can be done by using the right keywords in your Resume, Applications, and Social Media.

Effective SEO is the right keywords used logically and naturally in context.

This means putting the correct keywords in your resume/Social media profiles so that potential employers could search you easily and you gain priority over others.

You can use your keywords in your LinkedIn Profile, particularly in your Professional Headline like this:

Rahul Sharma

VLSI Design and Verification Trainee|Seeking Design/ Verification Job|RTL, ASIC, SV, UVM, AXI, SPI|2019 Graduate

Now, You are well-armed to hunt for the job. Where to look for?

Online Job Search Portals

There are many online job portals available in 2023 where you can register and create your job profile to find a job i.e. Naukri | Shine | Timesjobs | Indeed | Freshersworld | Monster and many more other sites.

Important tip – Experts say recruiters always prefer recently updated profiles. Even if you just change the spelling or add an extra line, an updated resume will enhance your chances of getting a job quickly.


LinkedIn is the world’s most popular social media network for professionals and this makes it the best platform for job search.

A few important tips while using LinkedIn for job search:

  • Keep your profile complete and up to date.
  • Be comprehensive about current skills and objectives.
  • Highlight your recent experience.
  • Network and engage

Personal Network

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Relate to this??

Of course, it is your solid set of skills which bags you the job, but references and recommendations often play as the dynamic to get you in the door.

An engaging connection with your alumni and social network, good relationships with your professors/mentors or a strong bond with relatives can bring you closer to job opportunities.

Important tip – Find ways to reciprocate

To learn how to network and build relationships refer to this article Job networking tips

You are ready to kick-start your job search in 2023.

All you need now is careful planning, follow-through, perseverance, and a positive attitude.

Nothing can stop you from landing a successful career if you consider the job search process a job itself!

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